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IB is International Baccalaureate, it is an international educational foundation established at the end of the sixties. IBDP program for pupils aged 15 to 18 years, IB Middle Year Programme, designed for students aged 11 to 14 years. While IB Primary Year Program is meant  from 3 to 12 years of age. We offer IB Online Tuition with the help of top school teachers. All our IB educators are skilled, qualified, highly experienced and trained professionals. IB Elite Tutor provides a fun and creative Online learning methods for his students. We provides IB Online tuition for the Primary Years Program, Middle Years Program, and the Diploma Program. The experience of our IB tutors can help at each level in the following

IB PYP Classes

This program is for children aged from 3 to 12 years who are living in this group. And it is often difficult to understand topics such as mathematics and science. Since these are their foundation-making years, So our IB Online IB tuition plays an important role in preparing for these levels. And make them progress to a more challenging level.

IB MYP Classes

This program lasts from grade 7 to grade 10, which is for 11 to 16 years of age. As your children’s age increases, the burden of difficulty and work in the subjects taught during the lessons increases. Our IB Online Tuition helps the children when they are having difficulty because foreign subjects like philosophy are being included in their curriculum. In addition to the previous Primary Years Program level, topics such as humanities and technology are taught to students. Study and outstanding performance of all these subjects can be difficult work for many students. However, with our tuition programs’ help, students can get the right guidance to help them with all types of study pressure.

IB Diploma Online Classes

This is the core program of International Baclaurete. This benefits students aged from 16 to 19 years. Its duration is two years. Students choose six different subjects from six different subjects groups. They choose three subjects at higher level (HL) and three at standard level (SL). Besides this, IB also tests students with subject wise internal assessments, TOK(Essay + Prsentation), and Extended Esaays.
We provide IB Online Tuition for all six groups and almost all IB subjects. Our Online IB tuition can also assist students in writing their IB IA, TOK and extended Essays.

IB Elite Tutor is guaranteeing for your children to increase intelligence and then more exactly skill their curriculum.

How can we take IB Tuition Remotely

The success of IB online Tuition lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. It is like a tutor sitting in front of you and giving you instructions. You only need a few things to give online IB tuition a try.

  • A laptop or desktop or a good tablet
  • Skype or Zoom or hangout free account
  • A very good headphone to hear & understand instructions
  • A reliable and fast internet connection

Specialized and Experienced IBDP tuition

Our efficient Online IB tutoring helps you to excel in your Diploma subjects. We ensure that our customized training curriculum improves your learning skills and deliver the best results. We make a lesson plan that offers better understandings and help to overcome difficulties. Apart from this, our comprehensive tutoring and subject expertise makes us reliable for the IB curriculum. We provide tutors for these IBDP subjects-

IB Economics Tutors, IB Mathematics Tutors , IB Business Management Tuition, IB Biology Tutors, IB Chemistry Tutors, IB tutors for Physics, Computer Science, History, French, Spanish, ITGS, Psychology, Political Science, Geography etc. 

Our experienced tutors also help in your research project, i.e., IB IA, IB TOK and, IB E.E.

IB IA Online Tuition

Internal assessment is a unique feature of IB diploma program. IA is independent research that facilitates students to develop investigational skills from the topic that interests and appeal them. Apart from this, it contains 20% of the overall marking of the required subject. Therefore, you have to make it appropriately.

Our expert tutors help you in choosing a topic for IA, understanding its structure and they also help in making your IA up to the mark. We assured you that you get a perfect 7 on your project. Moreover, we ensure that you fulfill all its requirements and attain the level of IB.

IB Tok Tuition

It is an essay of 1600 words followed by an oral presentation. It helps students to think and apply in real-life situations. Also, it plays an extraordinary role in the IB. It provides an opportunity for the students to know the nature of knowledge. Tok is just not an essay; it helps students think deeply about what they know? And how do they know?

So, we help students choose the questions wisely, clearly explain all the aspects and give all the necessary solutions. Apart from this, through our online tuition, you easily discuss and get help from the subject matter experts. Get to know all the essential points that help make your TOK essay perfect.

E.E (Extended Essays) Tuition

It is independent research that consists of 4000 words. The students have engaged through the personal exploration to develop an argument on the topic that interests them.

We guide or assist you in developing an argument that has the capacity to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate knowledge. Moreover, our one-to-one online tutoring helps understand the concept behind E.E. We give you study tips, necessary tools, and techniques to help in writing a good essay