Best IB tutors in the UAE


IB Ace Academy is one of the best IB tuitions available in the UAE. The scope of IB in this world is enormous. After going through the curriculum day in and day out, our IB tutors have all studied at the world’s best universities and have mastered the subject matter just to get you better grades with our IB online tutors.

We are proud of our services in IB private tutoring. Connecting you with high-quality IB tutors online and students from all over the world regarding IB internal assessments. Nowadays, teaching institutes are just as well known for their student’s achievements. With our extensive and exhaustive knowledge, there has been a great increase in the grades of students who’ve shown faith in us.

At IB Ace Academy, we are dedicated to providing exceptional IB tutoring services in the UAE. Our team of highly qualified IB tutors online is committed to helping students excel in their IB studies and achieve outstanding results. With our personalized approach and in-depth subject knowledge, we ensure that students receive the guidance and support they need to thrive in their academic journey.

Our IB tutors are experienced educators who are experts in providing academic excellence and guidance to the students and helping them face new challenges coming through the coursework and excel in their studies.


We have a particular spotlight on our IB psychology tutors in the UAE. IB psychology students have a better understanding of how knowledge is generated, developed, and applied. The holistic approach to curriculum integrates biological, cognitive, and sociocultural studies. Studying psychology does wonders for personal development.

Experience the convenience and flexibility of online IB tutoring in the UAE with our expert online IB psychology tutors. Whether you are located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other city in the UAE, our online IB private tutoring platform brings high-quality education right to your doorstep. Our experienced IB online tutors provide interactive and engaging lessons customized to meet your specific needs and learning style.

Our IB Psychology Tutors are well-versed in playing their role and motivating students in the process of building their confidence in tackling the challenges during the conduct of an experiment or research for psychological concepts.


If you are looking for an IB history tutor, you are at the right place. IB history is an introductory subject offered at two levels Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL). IB Ace Academy is one of the best studying platforms, providing elite-level IB tuition. The history curriculum includes some prescribed subjects and two different choices for topics. This will help students learn about major historic events and events that took place in the twentieth century.

Explore the captivating world of history with our experienced IB History tutor in the UAE. They have a deep understanding of historical events, provide comprehensive explanations, and teach effective research and essay-writing techniques. Our tutors equip you with the knowledge, analytical skills, and exam strategies needed to succeed in IB History.

IB History Tutors are specialized professionals in providing academic support in IB History curriculum which is designed to foster an understanding of historical events, developments, and processes while encouraging research skills, and critical thinking for different historical perspectives.


Get the personalized key toward IB maths tutor, We provide the most interactive and knowledgeable sessions and aim to build a strong foundation with the correct guidance. Get sessions from the best IB Maths tutors online, which would also help you access and utilize the most comprehensive online resources with maximum flexibility. Our IB tutors online help your child become smarter with our personalized maths classes in the UAE. Enroll and learn from the comfort of your house today.

Our IB Maths tutors in the UAE are here to help you conquer the complexities of the subject. They possess in-depth knowledge of the IB Maths curriculum and provide comprehensive guidance, from core topics to advanced concepts. Our IB maths tutors online employ effective teaching strategies, tailored practice sessions, and exam-focused preparation to enhance your understanding and boost your confidence in IB Maths.

Our IB Maths Tutors online in UAE often integrate digital tools and software to enhance the learning experience of students. IB Maths Tutors online teach students through virtual classrooms, different problem-solving strategies for mathematical problems and foster an analytical mindset.


Our IB English tutor, as a part of this program, provides the best in tuition with a curriculum that helps students be consistent in honing their skills in their IB English journey. The course offers a wide variety of texts that our students have studied and found to be valuable. We provide students with turnkey learning resources, which comprise notes and mock examinations for IB English.

Enhance your language skills and excel in IB English with the support of our proficient IB English tutor in the UAE. Our tutors provide personalized guidance, help develop critical analysis and writing skills, and offer valuable tips for acing the IB English exams. With their expertise, you’ll improve your comprehension, literary analysis, and language proficiency.

IB English Tutors help in the overall academic growth of a student and language proficiency by combining their specialization. Through IB Tutoring students enhance their language and communication skills and literature part, and excel in their IB English studies.


We understand the educational needs of every student are unique, which is why we have curated a platform to connect students with our qualified Ib ee tutors.  Our Ib ee tutors assist students in structuring the essay, refining the research questions for extended essays, and identifying relevant and credible sources.

In essence, our Ib ee tutors provide academic guidance and expertise to students in cultivating critical thinking, research skills, and the overall growth of the student as a scholar. 


Our IB chemistry tutors couple their experience in the subject with a strong foundation to support higher-level education tailored to students’ needs. Most of the topics, like bonding, acids, equilibrium, bases, kinetics, redox, and organic chemistry, are covered with the help of past papers and mock papers through detailed explanations. Hundreds of students from the UAE’s most prominent schools are trained here. You can get a consultation for tuition to witness improvements in your grades and achieve your goals in a disciplined manner.

Master the intricacies of IB Chemistry with the guidance of our experienced IB Chemistry tutors in the UAE. Our tutors have a strong foundation in the subject and provide comprehensive explanations, practical demonstrations, and real-life applications. They assist you in grasping fundamental concepts, conducting experiments, and excelling in your IB Chemistry exams.

IB Chemistry curriculum is designed to explore the concepts of chemistry; hence our IB Chemistry Tutors teach students the fundamental principles of chemistry, laboratory techniques, and the applications of chemistry in real-world contexts.


Regular, committed, and thoughtful revisions with IB Ace Academy can help you crack your IB biology exams as well as assessments. With industry-experienced professionals here, we offer you individual online lessons at decent prices. Our highly skilled IB biology tutor working with us can help you design individual learning plans with proven methods to give you impressive results very soon. IB biology as a subject in the UAE is definitely an option, but you have to work on your knowledge. Get access to weekly progress monitoring with the IB Ace Academy.

Embark on a fascinating journey through the world of biology with our knowledgeable IB Biology tutor in the UAE. They have a deep passion for the subject and employ interactive teaching methods, visual aids, and real-world examples to make learning biology enjoyable and memorable. Our tutors assist you in understanding complex biological processes, conducting experiments, and achieving excellence in IB Biology.

IB Biology Tutors assist students in integrating biological concepts and developing problem-solving skills, specializing in analyzing biological data, interpreting experiments, and understanding the broader implications of biological concepts.


Physics is all about concepts and techniques. Although our online Physics IB tutors can help you achieve good grades in your examination, various phases of student life require physical science, which is critical to understanding. Physics is a subject for IB students in which students seek regular assistance due to its abstract nature and frequent requirement of factual memory. An IB physics tutor helps IB physics students obtain essential problem-solving, logic, reasoning, and theoretical thinking abilities. An IB physics tutor helps students master all IB topics by gaining personal experience in the specific field at standard and higher levels, which lets them achieve and crack IB internal assessments.

Unlock the world of IB Physics with the assistance of our skilled IB Physics tutor in the UAE. Our Physics IB tutors have a deep understanding of the IB Physics syllabus and are adept at simplifying complex theories and problem-solving techniques. Through experiments, practical examples, and interactive sessions, our tutors make the learning experience engaging and enjoyable.

IB Physics curriculum is designed in such a way that it covers a wide range of topics including mechanics, waves, electricity, magnetism, and modern physics. Our IB Physics Tutors and Physics IB Tutors very renowned for their emphasized teaching on scientific research, problem solving strategies, and conceptual understanding.


IB TOK, where IB stands for ”International Baccalaureate” and TOK stands for “Theory of Knowledge,” is one of the crucial curricula in the IB diploma program. Most of the students find it hard to look for an IB TOK tutor in the UAE. The IB Ace Academy is one of the best institutions offering IB TOK tutors to get perfectly effective performance with the assignments. We have with us the industry’s best expert IB TOK tutor with a strong knowledge of excellent academics and sharpening comprehension skills. In the new syllabus of IB TOK, students are assessed in two series. One is the IB TOK exhibition, and the second is the IB TOK presentation. Visit TOK essay help to prepare for the IB TOK assessments in school.

Uncover the mysteries of the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) with our experienced IB TOK tutor in the UAE. Our tutors guide you through the TOK course, help you develop critical thinking skills, and provide valuable insights for your TOK essay and presentation. They foster intellectual curiosity, encourage the exploration of knowledge claims, and help you excel in TOK.

IB TOK Tutors are well-versed educators, who emphasize teaching the unique and interdisciplinary concept of TOK, which explores the nature of knowledge, ways of acquiring knowledge, and the role of knowledge in different areas of human inquiry.


There are many reasons why you need IB TOK help. Schools and colleges nowadays have adopted IB with teething problems. If you are not receiving the proper IB TOK help, consult with us for free. With personal attention to every student, we help students achieve and utilize their full potential in their TOK essays. Know which IB tutor will be helpful for your assessments and examinations.

Scholars seeking IB TOK Help in UAE can now have the solution for all their problems.IB Tutors and IB TOK Tutors are available to help students with subject-specific problems and TOK essay writing.


If you have trouble writing a TOK essay or want someone experienced to go through and proofread it for you, the Theory of Knowledge is known as the most abstract and complex subject in the complete program. The syllabus encompasses eight areas of knowledge. Our IB TOK writer are experts who are enthusiastic to assist you with your TOK writing service.

TOK Writing Service provides you the guidance for writing a TOK essay, a comparative essay that has discussions and facts of a specific topic. Our IB TOK Writers are highly professional educators who provide IB TOK Writing Service, which guides students in creative thinking on how we know, rather than what we know. IB TOK Writers teach students to reflect on the nature of knowledge, how we know, and what we claim to know.

IB Online Tutors in UAE

IB Tutors and IB Online Tutors are experienced educators who help students in unlocking academic excellence. IB Online Tutors are specialized professionals in providing targeted academic support to students who are enrolled in the IB program. They are subject matter experts and have a profound understanding of the content and curriculum objectives for the specific IB subjects they teach.

IB Tutors Online enhances the academic skills of students through virtual classrooms and assists them in preparing for internal and external assessments by providing targeted revision strategies, and insights into effective exam techniques. Beyond academic support, IB Tutors Online guides students virtually in exploring the critically examined knowledge and develops the skills needed for the TOK essay and presentation components.

IB Tutoring in UAE

If you’re looking for IB Tutoring in UAE, then there is IB ACE ACADEMY which provides education excellence by providing IB Tutor Online, IB Online Tutors, IB private Tutoring, and many more subject-wise options of IB Tutoring for students who want to succeed in their academic career.

Beyond content mastery, IB Tutoring is all about providing subject matter experts, providing in-depth knowledge of the IB curriculum, and helping students understand complexities within specific subject matters. 

Extended Essay Help Online in UAE

In essence, Extended Essay Help Online is a service, which is provided by IB Ace Academy to help students in writing word research-based essays. Our IB Tutors provide Extended Essay Help Online resources, templates, and tips to help students in structuring and developing essays effectively. They guide students on academic writing, including Extended Essays.

IB Private Tutoring in UAE

IB Private Tutoring is a valuable supplement for students who want excellence in their academic journey. When seeking private tutoring, IB Private Tutoring is the best option for a student to learn with a personalized approach. 

In IB Private Tutoring, there are qualified expert IB Tutors who guide students with the understanding of specific concepts, improve study skills and knowledge, and enhance critical thinking.

TOK Essay Help

IB Tutors provide TOK Essay Help with a detailed outlining of assessment criteria, structure, and expectations for the TOK essays. TOK Essay Help students understand and address the unique requirements of assessment. 

TOK Essay Help empowers students to delve into the development of well-reasoned arguments and a cohesive essay structure. Ultimately, TOK Essay Help acts as a supportive companion in education excellence to articulate thoughtful reflections on knowledge and intricate interplay perspectives within the TOK frameworks.

TOK Exhibition Help

If you’re seeking TOK Exhibition Help, then our well-versed professional educators are here to guide the students on their path to education excellence. TOK Exhibition Help specializing in IB subjects provides targeted assistance in refining presentation skills, addressing knowledge questions, and enhancing critical thinking.

IB Internal Assessment

IB Tutors play a crucial role in the IB Internal Assessment of students’ understanding and application of subject-specific concepts. IB Internal assessment not only contributes to the subject grades but also ensures the development of critical thinking, research, and analytical skills.

The IB Internal Assessment illuminates their path to education excellence by offering them more accurate evaluation beyond traditional examinations and fostering a holistic approach to learning.


To get online IB EE tutors, you can ask for help from IB Ace Academy, which is the most reputable online IB tutoring platform available. You can also ask for recommendations from other IB students or teachers.

While an online TOK essay tutor can help you improve your writing skills and understanding of the topic, getting a 10 is not guaranteed. A high score depends on various factors such as critical thinking, creativity, and overall understanding of the subject.

If you are struggling with your IB subjects, getting an IB tutor can improve your grades. A tutor can provide personalized attention, support, and guidance to help you understand the subjects better.

The IB internal assessment is crucial as it accounts for a significant portion of your overall grade. It also helps to showcase your independent research skills and your understanding of the subject.

Yes, getting IB online tutors for extended essay help can significantly increase your chances of getting an A. The tutor can provide guidance, feedback, and tips for a successful essay.

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