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IB Ace Academy is one of the most well-known professional IB tutors in Singapore. Get better results with the help of our knowledgeable IB online tutors, who have all completed their education at some of the greatest colleges in the world, earned excellent grades, and have years of tutoring experience. Every lesson you have with your teacher will be an educational one on a fun and safe online platform.

We at IB Ace Academy provide top-notch IB private tutoring services delivered by qualified instructors. We are dedicated to assisting students in achieving academic excellence and have IB tutors online who are familiar with the IB curriculum.

With the help of the IB tutors online, teachers and students can learn at their convenience while using the Internet. When the topic is difficult or you are far from home, using an online IB private tutoring platform is a good substitute for physically traveling somewhere.

With our online tutoring platform, students have the flexibility to schedule sessions at their convenience. No matter where you are located, our expert tutors are just a click away. Our online platform provides a seamless learning experience, allowing students to interact with tutors through video conferencing, shared whiteboards, and digital resources. An IB tutor in Singapore closely monitors students’ progress, identifies areas for improvement, and provides constructive feedback to help them excel in their exams. 


You have come to the correct place if you’re seeking an IB history tutor for both the Standard Level and the Higher Level. IB Ace Academy is one of the top learning platforms, with professional educators who are accessible at all times. Our IB private tutoring will assist you in developing a passionate mindset and effective study techniques. 

With the help of our expert IB History tutor in Singapore, explore the fascinating realm of history. They give in-depth explanations of historical occurrences, impart useful research and writing skills, and aid in the analysis of various viewpoints. For you to excel in IB History, our instructors provide helpful materials, essay assistance, and test strategies.

At Singapore, our IB history tutor is dedicated to imparting in-depth knowledge to the students making the classes more fun and engaging. Apart from the course- curriculum the teacher encourages students to engage in a healthy debate relating to left and right of historical events.


Get a special key to finding IB maths tutors online. To obtain excellent scores, get a customized learning plan in addition to your homework assignments and results. Get lessons from the top IB maths tutors online who can also assist you in using your most adaptable access to the finest comprehensive internet resources. In Singapore, our IB tutors have worked with students from more than 100 different schools.

Our knowledgeable IB Maths tutors are available to help with your progress. They have a thorough grasp of the subject and offer thorough advice that is adapted to your needs. Our instructors provide step-by-step explanations, practice problems, and exam preparation strategies for subjects ranging from algebra to calculus.

We understand that every student has unique learning needs and goals. Our IB maths tutors online design customized lesson plans tailored to each student’s requirements. They identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, provide targeted instruction, and offer a variety of resources, including practice questions, past papers, and supplementary materials, to reinforce learning and enhance students’ confidence in tackling complex mathematical problems.


Language A: Literature

The relatively high level of this course makes many students feel the need for IB online tutors. The goal of English literature is to evaluate the various ways that literature has manifested itself historically as a particularly potent form of writing. 

The course’s goal is to give students a better understanding of the elements that influence both the production and consumption of literature. Our IB English Tutor in Singapore encourages students to cultivate a habit of creative writing and to broaden their interest in literature.

IB English Tutor possesses a deep understanding of the IB English curriculum, assessment objectives, and examination requirements. Our tutors have a passion for literature, language, and critical thinking, and they are dedicated to helping students develop the necessary skills to excel in IB English. 

Language A: Literature and Language 

The course will look at how language is used for communication, reflection, and shaping the world, as well as how people contribute to language production.

Our IB English Tutor in Singapore works with students to investigate how different text types, literary genres, language choices, and contextual factors all influence meaning. We offer two levels of the IB English language and literature course: standard and advanced, to assist students with their IB English Course.

IB English tutor plays a crucial role in helping students prepare for the IB exams. They familiarize students with the exam format, provide guidance on effective study strategies, and offer practice materials and mock exams. Tutors also help students develop time management skills, enabling them to allocate their study time efficiently and meet assignment deadlines.


Our IB chemistry tutor combines their subject expertise at first and provides a solid basis for further education that is suited to the needs of the student. This enables them to offer exceptional personalized instruction that targets your strengths, limitations, and objectives while also advancing your knowledge of chemistry’s theoretical and practical components through quality IB chemistry tutors. 

With the help of our qualified IB Chemistry tutors in Singapore, master IB Chemistry. Our instructors clarify difficult concepts, give thorough notes, and lead you through real-world experiments. You’ll improve your understanding and excel in IB Chemistry with their knowledge, exam-focused strategies, and personalized guidance.

IB Chemistry tutor works closely with students to identify areas for improvement, provide targeted instruction, and offer personalized strategies to enhance their understanding of complex concepts and problem-solving skills. Our tutors also provide individualized feedback and guidance to help students refine their understanding and achieve their full potential in IB Chemistry.


You can ace your IB biology exams and assessments by carefully revising regularly. Due to the need for thorough topic mastery, this program is highly demanding. You may create individualized learning programs with tested strategies with the Best IB biology tutor working with us to excel in your concepts and examinations. With IB Ace Academy, you may obtain weekly progress tracking.

Set off on a fascinating journey with our skilled IB Biology tutor in Singapore. They are extremely knowledgeable about the subject and provide interesting courses with visuals and hands-on examples. You may perform experiments, comprehend the complexities of biology, and succeed in IB Biology with the assistance of our teachers.

Our tutoring program is led by highly qualified IB Biology tutors who have extensive experience and expertise in the subject. They possess a deep understanding of the IB Biology curriculum, assessment objectives, and examination requirements. Our tutors are passionate about biology and are dedicated to helping students develop a strong foundation in the subject, master core concepts, and excel in their IB Biology examinations.


In physics, concepts and techniques are everything. An IB Physics tutor can help you do well on your test. You receive knowledge of every physics test format and technique. You may pass your IB internal assessment with the help of physics IB Tutors who have first-hand knowledge in the subject area at both standard and higher levels.

With the assistance of our qualified IB Physics tutors in Singapore, unravel the complexities of IB Physics. Our instructors have in-depth knowledge of the subject and offer concise explanations, real-world examples, and problem-solving techniques. They help you perform experiments, comprehend difficult ideas, and excel in IB Physics.

Our tutors are well-versed in the IB Physics syllabus and are knowledgeable about the latest developments in the field. IB Physics tutor guides students through the fundamental principles of physics, including mechanics, thermal physics, waves, electromagnetism, quantum physics, and more. Additionally, our tutors provide in-depth coverage of the optional topics, ensuring students have a thorough understanding of the chosen areas of specialization.


We pay close attention to IB psychology. In psychology, more emphasis is placed on behavior and processes. Personal development can greatly benefit from studying psychology. The IB psychology program is only a brief introduction to psychology, taking into account both Higher Level (HL) and typical Standard Level (SL) studies.

With the help of our committed IB psychology tutors, you can benefit from the ease of IB online tutors in Singapore. Through the use of our modern virtual learning platform, you can obtain a top-notch education while relaxing in your own home. Our IB psychology tutors offer individualized guidance, engaging lessons, and efficient study techniques.

Our IB Psychology tutors in Singapore are well-versed in the IB Psychology syllabus and are knowledgeable about the latest developments in the field. They guide students through the fundamental principles of psychology, including cognitive, sociocultural, and biological approaches, as well as the optional topics chosen by the students. Additionally, our tutors provide in-depth coverage of research methods, ensuring students have a thorough understanding of experimental design, data analysis, and ethical considerations. 


Due to its philosophical character and terminology, the IB TOK can be intimidating and confusing to the majority of students. Get assessment criteria from our professional IB TOK tutor to ensure perfect grades on the assignments. We realize how difficult and perplexing it may be for students, which is why we work with a professional IB TOK tutor who has a solid grasp of great academics and who can assist students in improving their ability to comprehend.

Contact us now if you need any TOK essay help. Learn how you can get IB TOK help with your assessments and exams.

Your TOK tutors walk you through the course, encouraging you to look into assertions of knowledge, hone your critical-thinking abilities, and do well on your essay and presentation. You’ll have a better comprehension of what’s happening thanks to their insightful findings.

Our IB TOK tutor in Singapore help students develop effective arguments, analyze different perspectives, and critically evaluate the knowledge claims made. For TOK essays, our tutors guide students in developing strong thesis statements, structuring their essays, and effectively using evidence and examples to support their arguments.


The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program’s Theory of Knowledge (TOK) essay is a crucial part of the program. It is intended to inspire students to think critically about the nature of knowledge, the various forms of knowing, and the processes involved in gathering and assessing knowledge claims. 

Students must use TOK concepts and perspectives to critically analyze and discuss the implications of the chosen topic. The essay typically requires students to demonstrate their ability to think critically, engage with different points of view, and effectively communicate their ideas.

We at IB Ace Academy provide students with a TOK writing service and TOK essay help so that they can excel and have excellent grades. Along with these, we also provide students with TOK exhibition help to get them a good grade in the examinations.

At IB Ace Academy Singapore, we have tutors who are well-versed with the intricacies of Theory of Knowledge (TOK) essay and can provide TOK essay help. Choosing an appropriate essay topic and formulating a compelling knowledge question is crucial to the success of a TOK essay.


The IB Diploma Program’s most crucial element is the IB Extended Essay (EE). The student’s research on the topic of their choice is one of the program’s most difficult requirements. When you have a lot to say, it can be difficult to focus on one thing. Not everyone has the ability to summarize research in a well-written 4000-word essay. 

Our IB EE tutors at IB Ace Academy offer advice on how to approach difficult problems. Both learning and teaching depend on having a solid grasp of the subject and the most effective ways to teach it. Our IB EE tutors walk you through the procedures you need to follow in order to receive an A in your subject because they are knowledgeable about them and are aware of how examiners evaluate your extended essay.

 Our IB EE tutors help students develop critical thinking skills and engage in analytical reasoning. They guide students in evaluating the credibility and reliability of sources, analyzing different perspectives, and critically assessing the strengths and limitations of arguments. Our tutors also provide strategies for developing well-rounded and balanced discussions that demonstrate a deep understanding of the research topic.


The IB tutors at IB Ace Academy also help students with the Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essays (EE), and IB Internal Assessment (IA). Students have been shown to struggle the most with picking courses for their IA and EE. Our IB instructor helps students choose topics. Once the chosen theme has been approved by the school’s Tutor, they guide and coach the students as they develop their IA and EE completely.

Our tutors provide students with IB internal assessment as well as IB mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, and other baccalaureate courses.

Students can also hone their research techniques, practice independent inquiry, and show that they can assess and analyze data through the IA. Additionally, by serving as a foundation for internal grading and moderation, the IA adds to the overall evaluation of a student’s performance in a topic. 


TOK is not just another subject in the IB curriculum; it’s a transformative experience that encourages critical thinking, reflection, and exploration of knowledge from various perspectives. However, navigating TOK’s complex philosophical concepts and effectively presenting your ideas can be a daunting task.

That’s where our expert TOK tutors come in. Our IB TOK Help team in Singapore consists of experienced educators who are well-versed in the IB curriculum and have a deep understanding of TOK. They are passionate about empowering students like you to excel in this unique course.  

Through IB TOK help Our tutors will work closely with you to develop your critical thinking skills, enhance your understanding of knowledge claims, and guide you in crafting compelling TOK essays. 


IB TOK writer plays a vital role in shaping the discourse and contributing to the collective understanding of knowledge. An IB TOK writer has a thorough comprehension of the core ideas and theories covered in the TOK course. They are knowledgeable about knowledge domains, knowledge problems, methods of knowing, and knowledge assertions.

 Their proficiency enables them to participate in intricate conversations, evaluate intricate concepts, and investigate the diverse aspects of knowledge. The IB TOK writer becomes an advocate for critical thinking by incorporating TOK concepts into their writing and pushing readers to challenge presumptions and take into account different viewpoints. 

In Singapore, We provide an IB TOK writer who is proficient in all aspects of writing, from comprehension to critical thinking to actual execution.

Extended Essay Help Online IN SINGAPORE

At IB Ace Academy Singapore, we provide Extended Essay help online to students in need. 

Often students get intimidated by seeing a 4000-word essay that they have to write. 

Choosing the right topic for an Extended Essay is crucial. Online resources and mentors can assist students in identifying suitable research areas, narrowing down topics, and formulating research questions that align with their academic interests and strengths.

The Extended Essay Help online that we provide gives access to a vast range of knowledgeable instructors, subject matter experts, and academic mentors who offer professional support throughout the Extended Essay process.

 These experts are well-versed in the IB curriculum, evaluation standards, and research techniques. They can offer insightful advice, assist students in honing their research questions, organize essays, and offer direction on data gathering and analysis. Online mentors’ experience guarantees that students receive individualized and superior help during their Extended Essay journey. 

TOK Writing Service IN SINGAPORE

We provide TOK Writing Service that provides customized essays tailored to the specific requirements and preferences of students. Students can provide their essay prompts, knowledge questions, or areas of interest, and the TOK writers will develop original essays that align with these specifications.

 The essays are crafted from scratch, ensuring authenticity and originality. By receiving a customized essay, students can focus on their unique areas of interest and develop a deeper understanding of TOK concepts through the lens of their chosen topics.

With our TOK writing service in Singapore, The TOK course emphasizes the importance of clear and coherent arguments that demonstrate critical thinking and logical reasoning. TOK writing services ensure that essays are structured effectively, with cohesive paragraphs and logical transitions between ideas.

 The writers use appropriate TOK terminology, integrate real-life examples, and present balanced arguments and counterarguments. Their expertise in argumentation and essay structure helps students develop a compelling and well-organized essay that effectively conveys their ideas.


 With TOK essay help we help students write a fantastic TOK essay that is personalized according to their needs. Our experienced TOK tutors work closely with students, providing expert mentorship from the initial stages of selecting a knowledge question to the final refinement of their essays.

 Through one-on-one consultations, our mentors help students develop coherent arguments, navigate the complexities of TOK concepts, and refine their essay structures. Their guidance ensures that students approach their essays with clarity, depth, and a strong theoretical foundation. 

With TOK Essay help we foster a collaborative learning environment by facilitating peer review sessions for TOK essays. These sessions encourage students to exchange ideas, provide constructive feedback, and engage in critical discussions. 

By receiving input from their peers, students gain valuable insights into alternative perspectives and refine their arguments. Peer review not only enhances the quality of their essays but also nurtures the essential skills of effective communication and respectful critique.

TOK Exhibition Help IN SINGAPORE

At IB Ace TOK Exhibition help since knowledge is the foundation of TOK, we recognize how crucial it is to have access to high-quality resources. The extensive TOK resource collection at our institution is filled with exemplars, scholarly publications, example exhibition projects, and reference materials.

 Students can study a variety of fields, examining various viewpoints and theories to deepen their comprehension of the subject matter. Students can use our resource library as a useful tool to help them create a strong basis for their display.      

    To simulate the actual TOK Exhibition help experience, we organize mock exhibitions where students can showcase their work before a panel of teachers and peers. These practice sessions cultivate confidence, refine presentation skills, and encourage students to engage in meaningful discussions.

If you need an IB TOK writer for a TOK essay, you can search IB Ace Academy for a TOK writing service that focuses on writing essays for the International Baccalaureate program.

IB Ace  Academy provides IB online tutors that offer IB TOK help. You may also locate study tools and sample essays online to aid you. We also provide students with an IB TOK writer who will help them write their TOK essay effortlessly. 

It can be difficult to choose the most dependable extended essay writing service because trust is a relative concept. Nevertheless, the IB Ace Academy is a top institution. 

You can get extended essay help online from the IB Ace Academy. You may also look for an online tutor for more specialized assistance.

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