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Students who choose the Diploma Program are required to complete one Extended Essay on a subject of their choosing.

A self-directed study article of around 4000 words, the extended essay is the exact definition. To get the diploma, students must choose six topics from a list, and then write an essay on a topic of their choosing that falls within one of those six categories.

The IB requires the candidate writing the extended essay to do independent research into the subject, present the results of that study coherently and convincingly, and defend the validity of his or her arguments.

Overall, the essay ought to have a strong sense of reasoning and analysis. Writing an extended essay is a good way to test your ability to think critically and cover a lot of ground in your study.

The student is required to have three reflection meetings with his/her supervisor to present their findings and analyses.

The IB, however, has an external examiner go at the submitted essay after it has been turned in. A learner may get a grade/band anywhere from “excellent” to “mediocre” (and even “elementary”).

With The Help of Our IB EE Tutors, You May Learn How To Write A Stellar Mathematics Extended Essay

  1. The fundamentals of essay writing are often consistent, As a tutor for the International Baccalaureate in Mathematics, I will use a sample essay on this subject as an illustration. The issue you decide on should be specific and easy to grasp.

2 The topic’s objectivity must be made very obvious. Having too wide of a focus is not ideal. Pick something you know a lot about, or at least have some interest in.

Finally, a successful conclusion requires a supervisor who understands the arithmetic behind it.

3 Mathematics will provide the backbone of the discussion, which might come from any number of mathematically-grounded disciplines, including engineering, physics, the social sciences, and statistics.

4 The fourth need for the extended essay is that develop the issue and arrive at the stated conclusion. The targeted outcome prioritizes quality and quantifiability.

5 Beyond what is covered in the mathematics portion of the Diploma course, students are expected to draw upon a wider body of knowledge to write the essay.

6 A lengthy essay provides a candidate with a platform to demonstrate his mastery of mathematical concepts and skills.

The Long Essay Must Use Valid Reasoning And Valid Arguments

There should be extensive explanations of the methods used. The writing ought to be technical, consistent, and compelling. The text should be broken up into relevant graphs, tables, and diagrams at appropriate locations to assist clarify the subject.

Guidelines From Online Tutors For The IB Extended Essay

A well-developed, lengthy essay requires the student to invest significant effort, patience, and consistency.

Therefore, a student must begin researching and writing their essay at the appropriate time and have a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

Laziness and a lackadaisical attitude will lead to failure. Take these words to heart. I’d want to focus now on some particular ideas for your extended essay or internal assessment.

In other words, it’s the study of connections between people in a network. Social network analysis explores the numerous facets of this relationship, including its connections to people’s everyday lives. There, you’d face issues like 1. community detection and 2. overlapping communities, etc. Locating a pivotal node in a network, or centrality and ego nodes. Thirdly, unusual cases, advertising, and word-of-mouth.

In a nutshell, graph theory is the study of networks, which has many fascinating real-world applications. The first Euler, the Hamiltonian graph, and the traveling salesman problem are all possible areas of interest for EE.

Minimal spanning trees, spanning trees, and trees in general.

Algorithms like Floyd Warshall’s Shortest Path Algorithm, etc.

Coloring, matching, chroma-to-number, and polynomial graphs are the fourth category.

5-Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, and Algebra/Linear Algebra for Graph Decomposition

Rates, extrema, curvature, and the polar coordinate system are covered first.

Taylor series and error analysis

Quadrature and rectification are the third operations.

  1. Revolutionary Surface Area and Volume
  2. The Theory of Groups, Subgroups, Codes and Decodes
  3. Boolean Algebra, Number 6.

Matrices, Matrix Decomposition, and Other Data Compression Concepts.

Methods of Discrete Mathematics and Numerical Analysis

Equivalence relations partially ordered relations, and the applications of relations, functions, and relational closures.

Circuit Theory and Logic Prototyping

Recurrence relation, generating function, and applications 

Deductive and inductive reasoning

Problems with Counting, the Pigeon Hole Principle, etc.

Planting one’s flag (Bisection, Newton Raphson, Muller, etc.)

The ability to solve systems of linear and nonlinear equations.

Least-Squares Approximation; Lagrange’s Interpolation; Piecewise Interpolation; Splines; the Least-Squares Method.

Jacobian and Siedel systems of linear equations; numerical techniques for solving differential equations such as the Euler and Picard schemes, the Taylor series method, the Runge-Kutta method, and others.

Vector Calculus, Statistical Analysis, and Geometry

1 Evolve, enclose, and find your locus

2 Determining distances using other coordinate systems.

3 In order: tangent, normal, and binormal.

4 Parallel geometry in three dimensions.

5 A discussion of central-tendency measures and their practical uses.

6 Distinctions and variations, number six.

7.Correlation and Regression Analysis

8 Ensuring Quality via Random Sample Testing.

9 Poisson and Normal Distribution Issues.

10 Problems using the Chi-square and T-distribution statistics.

11 Bayesian classifiers and Monte Carlo simulation.

Differential and Integral Vector Calculus Are Two Branches of The Study of Vectors Vector fields, velocities, and accelerations are introduced in this section.

1. Complete the line integral.

2. A divergence, a curve, and a gradient are all useful tools for analyzing data.

3. Conservative and non-conservative vector fields.

4. The Idea of Flow and Circulation

Numerous Instances From Our IB EE Tutoring

1 The Fourier Series and its Uses

2 A Monty Hall Conundrum

3 Cryptography Methods

4 Applications of Modular Mathematics

5 The Mathematics of Barcodes

6 Estimating Functions

7 Economics Models

8 Various models of nonlinear dynamics, chaos, and fractals.

9 The Romeo and Juliet dilemma, or the difficulty of finding a compatible hostel roommate.

10 Cryptography based on Number Theory

11 Varies and complex numerals.

International Mathematical Olympiad questions are fair game for your research subject. Algebra, geometry, and combinatorics-related problems galore may be found on the site. The site provides everything, even the answers. Still, you’ll have to come up with a solution on your own. You may even submit your creative issue, but it must have some basis in mathematics to be taken seriously.

Extended Essay Organization

Within The Essay, You'll Find Six Distinct Parts

The title, thesis statement, and word count should all be on the title page. We cannot afford a rise in the word count of more than 4000. If your word count goes beyond the allotted amount, that’s bad.

The content page lists the essay’s parts and subsections, as well as their respective locations and page numbers.

1 The First Section Introduction

 “Introduction,” provides a summary of the study’s subject and a description of the methods employed to arrive at a specific result.

The main part of an essay is where you exhibit all of your hard work: research, arguments, analysis, computations, and evaluations. It suggested dividing this part into subparts to make the concept easier to understand. The essay’s main content is accompanied by many charts, diagrams, and tables. You should include a detailed explanation of the results and the overall conclusion here as well.

When writing your conclusion, be sure to briefly describe your methodology and the results you’ve obtained. Perhaps it enjoys sipping on the pulp’s sugary juice.

2 Bibliography/References/Appendix 

This section includes any supplementary materials that are necessary to fully clarify the subject or round out the essay’s argument.

3 Tips For Preparation

It’s suggested that you break up your preparations into smaller chunks. What this implies is that you should construct the EE in phases, writing draught one, then draught two, and so on. If you don’t put anything down on paper or into a computer, it won’t exist.

Your proficiency in writing EE will be evaluated based on the quality of the samples you provide. The title has to be descriptive and succinct.

The title doesn’t need to be a question, but it should convey the purpose of the essay. The only time an Extended Essay matter is when the material is novel and not easily guessed.

This requires you to do some serious introspection on the subject at hand and come up with some original thoughts and opinions. A nerdy EE is not acceptable.

If you want to be creative, you need to learn as much as you can about matter. Therefore, gather resources for research on the subject. Any advice on how to proceed?

The key is to search for important terms associated with your subject area. One might find a wealth of material on the Internet. You may only access research papers from reputable publications.

4 Watch EE-Related Video Lectures

The Public Library of Science (PLOS) and GOOGLE SCHOLAR are two excellent resources.

Video lectures often provide an example that helps illustrate the concept being taught. The brain is stimulated by listening to standards, leading to the generation of novel ideas.

If done this way, the work would have a more creative edge. If you have tried these methods without success, it may be time to contact a professor at a local university or college for some more guidance.

5 Theory Behind Presentations

Include an example wherever possible while writing an explanation. The author’s comprehension is shown via the use of models, but the models used must be appropriate. The moderators and raters are wiser than you are, so don’t try to impress them with big words in the Essay. Tables are essential for presenting data. Any time an example is needed, it should be supplied on purpose. Famous scientific quotes might be used to enhance the EE presentation.

6 The Final Section and Citations

Although it comes at the end, the conclusion is a crucial aspect of any piece of writing. In a nutshell, it should recap the work done thus far and provide insightful, brief thoughts on the results.

Inadequate concluding writing may have a major impact on the overall quality of an EE report. Please keep in mind that a good ending requires the author’s writing skills, and that filler words won’t do.

Always make a note of the sources from which a passage is adapted since this will help you place the passage in its proper context.

It’s common to forget where you did your research, which might be an issue when giving a bibliography.

In addition, citations are crucial for the viva voice. Keep in mind the evaluator’s query, “Which texts do you think are most important concerning the Essay, and why?”

A situation of this kind may knock anybody off the balance if they haven’t put in the time and effort necessary to properly prepare their EE or IA.

IB Recommends Increasing Word Count Tutors For The Extended Essay

1 IB does not count the number of words on the title page, the content page, or the bibliography. Not even mathematical notation, such as equations, formulae, computations, diagram legends, or table headings, is considered valid.

2 The appendix is not considered by IB since it is not central to the argument. To help get started on your extended essay, have a look at and learn from examples already out there on the web or in other resources you may have access to.

3 As a useful resource, the Internet should be fully used. To get high marks on a lengthy essay requires dedication and effort. Bear in mind that you can never devalue an honest attempt.

4 We believe this to be the end of our quick reading. If you need assistance with your IB Extended Essay, please don’t hesitate to contact our tutors. We have both in-person and online IB tutors available to assist you with your studies.