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IB Ace Academy provides Diploma, Middle Year Program (MYP), and Primary Years Program (PYP) students from all around the world with trustworthy and experienced IB tutors online. We promise to pair you with the best IB tutor available for effective training and to help you achieve an A in every subject of the course.

Despite the fact that there are almost 100,000 Tutors employed by IB schools globally, the majority of students rely on personalized IB private tutoring. There may be a number of reasons for this, such as several incompetent Tutors, a lack of motivation or tutoring skills, or a large number of students in a class. The International Baccalaureate is a challenging, intricate, and demanding curriculum, as we are all aware. In comparison to other regional and national academic programs, this curriculum is quite unique. 

The biggest benefit of online private tutoring is that it is accessible from anywhere, be it your own home, a vacation destination, or any other place you are at. The best part is students can leverage our gamut of expert teachers, who will help them achieve their goals. Private tutoring from an IB tutor ensures one-on-one interaction between the teacher and student so that there remains no doubt unsolved.


For delivering outstanding one-on-one IB maths tutors online, IB Ace Academy is one of Canada’s best-known academies. We provide IB maths tutors online to students worldwide. Our IB maths tutors use interactive learning techniques and infographics to help students understand and comprehend the steps involved in a complicated math issue, which is their main focus while teaching mathematics. 

The Math AA course focuses on developing an analytical and thorough understanding of mathematics so that students can connect and correlate numerous mathematical topics and apply them to tackle a variety of complex problems.

Following the guidelines of the International Baccalaureate Organization, our IB maths tutors teach standard-level math. Two one-and-a-half-hour papers, each worth 40% of the overall score, make up the IB math SL assessment pattern.

The practical aspects of maths makes the subject all the more challenging for students. With our dedicated teachers, students need not worry. The practice materials and assessment tests are given after each concept to further solidify the understanding. The tutoring focuses on a step-wise learning process to clarify every subject-related concern of the student.


IB Ace Academy provides you with the top IB chemistry tutors in Canada. An integral part of experimental science, IB Chemistry is a practical course. It is based on an examination of a compound’s structure, content, molecular structure, multiple chemical and physical characteristics, as well as the interactions between different substances and elements. 

Students are encouraged to do a variety of hands-on investigations and experiments during the IB chemistry course. For the majority of IB students, the demand for IB chemistry tutors becomes obvious given that chemistry is a highly technical topic that includes complicated concepts. Therefore, IB Ace Academy offers qualified and experienced IB chemistry tutors in Canada to suit the tutoring needs of IB students so that they may study and gain the skills necessary for studying this topic objectively. 

The mystery, hidden factors, and potential of substances are believed to be explained by the field of chemistry. To inspire and kindle students’ interest in learning this topic, every IB chemistry instructor must describe the puzzling physical and chemical behaviors of molecules and compounds to them.

Our experienced Chemistry tutors will make it a memorable and fun experience while you learn chemical equations and theories. Their teaching pattern ensures that the student develops an independent thinking pattern and research skills which are an add-on apart from the basic syllabus. The easy-going yet holistic approach that our tutors follow ensures that the students learn the complexities of this subject effortlessly.


IB Ace Academy is home to some of Canada’s top IB biology instructors. We offer a group of highly qualified and experienced IB biology instructors. Biology is a subject that, as we all know, describes the phenomena of life and creatures. We made an effort to find IB biology instructors from a variety of biologically related professions, including, but not limited to, microbiology, pharmacy, biotechnology, and biochemistry. 

There has been a significant increase in the need for IB biology tutor in Canada in recent years due to the intricacy of the theory surrounding this subject. Since biology is a field of study that involves living things, learning in this area never ends, and new information is always being discovered.  

The fact that there are millions of distinct species of creatures on the earth, allowing a broad range of specifications and mastery to be obtained, is another intriguing part of the biology course. Our online IB biology Tutor has plenty of experience in both the classroom and the workplace.

By now we all know what the subject of Biology is about. Biology already is a fascinating subject that intrigues many. Our IB Biology Tutor makes sure to be updated on this ever-evolving subject. The systematic procedure followed by our teachers lets the student understand this subject in an easy manner. The workplace experience of tutors further enhances their ability to make the concepts relevant to real world which enriches the student’s learning experience.


We provide Physics IB Tutors who are well-qualified for the diploma program of the International Baccalaureate. IB Physics is a very deep and expansive topic. A solid knowledge of the fundamental concepts is necessary to comprehend the depth and complexity of the IB physics course. IB physics has the lowest grade requirement of any course. Students need an IB physics tutor in order to understand the fundamental ideas of IB physics.

We’ve discovered that an IB Physics HL student needs a private Physics IB tutor in order to thoroughly learn the subject. As a result, IB Ace Academy has an IB Physics Tutor that offers physics tuition to students in a number of ways to help those students who have selected this complex topic.

Physics is a science that deals with matter, motion, and energy. It is concerned with all aspects of nature on both the macroscopic and submicroscopic levels. IB physics tutor makes sure that students become familiar with all the complexities this subject has to offer. Physics being a technical subject can be a bit daunting for students at first, but with our seasoned instructors by their side, it is only a matter of time till they master the subject.


Language A: Literature

Due to this course’s rather high level, many students feel the need for IB online tutors. English literature seeks to assess the various ways that literature has appeared throughout history as a particularly powerful kind of writing. 

The purpose of the course is to help students understand the factors that affect the creation and consumption of literature. Students are encouraged to develop a habit of creative writing and to widen their interest in literature by our IB English Tutor in Canada.

English Literature involves the study of various forms of writing such as poetry, prose, and essay comprehension. An IB English Tutor provides students with all the necessary techniques to comprehend the above. With the tutor’s help students will not only experience increased fluency but also increased comprehension speed which will enhance their chances of getting a straight A  in the subject.

Language A: Literature and Language 

The course will explore how language is essential for communication, for reflecting experience, and for shaping the world, as well as how people play a role in language production.

Our IB English Tutor in Canada works with students to examine how various text kinds, literary genres, language choices, and contextual factors all affect meaning. There are two levels of the IB English language and literature course: standard and advanced, which are offered by us to help the students with their IB English Course. 

We at IB Ace Academy understand that the choice between ‘Literature’ and ‘Literature and Language’ is an ambiguous one. Each has its own pros and cons. An IB tutor helps the students select which one is best suited for them according to their capabilities.


There are two levels of IB history. The experienced teachers that make up our team of knowledgeable teachers are capable of delivering the appropriate course of study at both the HL and SL levels. Professors with expertise in the subject help students develop an understanding of different points of view. One can advance in their area and improve their recollection of the material by paying attention to the advice of our experienced IB history tutor!

Learn the fascinating tales of the past with the help of our qualified IB History tutor in Canada. They provide thorough analyses of historical events, offer helpful research and writing skills, and aid in the evaluation of many points of view. Our tutors provide you with access to useful resources, writing guidance, and test-taking techniques so that you can do well in IB History.

Oftentimes students find history to be a slow-paced subject and a subject full of boredom. Our IB History Tutor is well aware of this fact and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making the subject light and interesting for students. This encourages students to willingly participate in the class and learn about the adventurous and insightful history.


We pay particular attention to our IB psychology tutors. In psychology, behavior and processes are more prominently highlighted. Studying psychology does wonders for personal development. The IB psychology program, which takes into account both Higher Level (HL) and typical Standard Level (SL) studies, is just a brief introduction to psychology.

You can take advantage of IB online tutors across Canada with the help of our dedicated IB tutors. You can get a top-notch education while unwinding in your own home with the assistance of our state-of-the-art virtual learning platform. Whether you are in Canada or somewhere else in the world, our IB psychology tutors provide tailored advice, interesting lessons, and effective study methods.

Psychology deals with the process of the human mind and how the thinking of a person pursues him to take certain actions. The human brain is wired in such a way that it’s conditioning influences it to showcase behavioral changes that are unique to itself. By studying psychology with our IB Psychology Tutor the students get a chance to introspect themselves at a deeper level which is very essential for personality development.


The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) consists of a 1600-word essay and an oral presentation. It encourages students to think critically and apply what they have learned in class to real-world situations. It also has a significant impact on the International Baccalaureate. Through it, students can study the nature of knowledge. Unlike other essays, TOK requires students to delve deeply into their subject matter. 

As a result, we offer you an IB TOK tutor to fully explain every part, and offer the appropriate solutions. Additionally, you have access to our IB TOK tutor in our virtual classroom and can speak with them there. Learn all the details required to craft a fantastic TOK essay. We also assist you at IB Ace Academy in finding an IB TOK writing service to help you with your essay.

Learn how to write the best essays with the best tutors. At IB Ace Academy we make sure every student whether they enjoy writing or not, comes out as a pro writer on their TOK essay.  Our teachers not only work hard on writing skills but also make sure that the student’s oratory skills are top-notch as well. This boosts the student’s confidence and helps them excel at their essay.


The IB tutors at IB Ace Academy also help students with the Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essays (EE), and IB Internal Assessment (IA). Students have been shown to struggle the most with picking courses for their IA and EE. Our IB instructor helps students choose topics. Once the chosen theme has been approved by the school’s Tutor, they guide and coach the students as they develop their IA and EE completely.

Our tutors provide students with IB internal assessment as well as IB mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, and other baccalaureate courses.

IB Internal Assessment is when the teacher grades any assignment instead of the IB examiner. An IB examiner makes sure that the assignments are fairly checked. All the subjects in the IB have internal assessments, these may come in the form of essays commentaries, and oral presentations. 


The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program’s Theory of Knowledge (TOK) essay is a key element. It is intended to inspire students to think critically about the nature of knowledge, the various forms of knowing, and the methods used to gather and assess knowledge claims. 

Students must use concepts and viewpoints from the TOK to critically analyze and discuss the implications of the chosen topic. The essay typically asks students to show that they can think critically, engage with various viewpoints, and effectively communicate their ideas.

In order to help students succeed and earn top grades, we at IB Ace Academy offer a TOK writing service and TOK essay help. Along with these, we also provide students with TOK exhibition help to get them a good grade in the examinations.

Achieving excellence in TOK essay evaluation requires an understanding of the assessment criteria. Through TOK essay help Our academy gives pupils a thorough understanding of the assessment rubric through its extensive workshops and seminars. We dissect each criterion, highlighting the significance of knowledge claims, rebuttals, justifications, and actual cases. 


The IB Extended Essay (EE) is the most important component of the IB Diploma Program. One of the most challenging aspects of the course is the research that the students must do on the subject of their choice. It is challenging to work on a particular topic when you have a lot of material to cover. 

We offer you the best IB EE tutors at IB Ace Academy. You can get extended essay help online on how to approach such a difficult subject from our subject-matter experts. A thorough understanding of the subject and the best methods for teaching it are crucial for both learning and teaching. Our IB EE tutors can guide you through the specific requirements necessary to get an A in your subject because they are knowledgeable on the subject and are familiar with how examiners evaluate your extended essay.

Get the benefit of private tutoring with the help of our IB EE tutors who are proficient in their subject matter. Well-versed in linguistic skills, they will guide the students to choose the topic of their essay and write an overall well-formed essay. This will ensure they not only can write a 4000-word essay but also get a good score on it. 

IB TOK Help in Canada

The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a 1600-word essay and an oral presentation. Through IB TOK help students can be assured to ace their TOK essay. We provide expert tutors who enhance student’s capacity to comprehend the essay topic and write an eloquent essay. This boosts students’ confidence as our tutors encourage students to connect TOK to other subjects as well.

 This facilitates exploring of how knowledge is produced, evaluated, and applied in different disciplines. Helps Consider the implications of TOK principles in real-world scenarios.

Through IB TOK help students will be able to Practice expressing their ideas clearly and coherently in written and oral presentations. Use logical reasoning, evidence, and counterarguments to support their claims. Pay attention to structure, language, and coherence in their TOK essays and presentations.


An IB TOK writer has a thorough comprehension of the core ideas and theories covered in the TOK course. They are knowledgeable about knowledge domains, knowledge problems, methods of knowing, and knowledge claims.

 Their proficiency enables them to participate in intricate conversations, evaluate intricate concepts, and investigate the diverse aspects of knowledge. The IB TOK writer becomes an advocate for critical thinking by incorporating TOK concepts into their writing and pushing readers to challenge presumptions and take into account different viewpoints. 

An IB TOK writer provides these services to students in need keeping in mind their tastes and preferences when it comes to writing the TOK essay.

TOK Writing Service in Canada

The TOK essay evaluation criteria set forth by the IB are closely followed by our TOK writing service. Our writers are knowledgeable about the requirements given by the IB, which include creating knowledge-based questions, analyzing and assessing arguments, using examples from various subject areas, and maintaining the essay’s general coherence and structure. They make certain that your essay satisfies these requirements, increasing the likelihood that you will receive a high mark.

We place a high value on maintaining our client’s privacy and take great care to handle all personal data and essay specifics. We also recognize how crucial it is to meet deadlines. Our TOK writing service guarantees that you will receive your TOK essay on schedule, giving you enough time to edit and revise it before the due date.

TOK Exhibition Help in Canada

TOK Exhibition is a live or virtual exhibition of three objects based on one ‘IA prompt’. The TOK exhibition is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of TOK concepts and engage in critical reflection.

 At IB Ace Academy we provide ultimate guidance regarding TOK Exhibition Help by helping you choose a knowledge issue that is engaging, relevant, and allows for in-depth exploration. Ensuring that your knowledge issue is open-ended, interdisciplinary, and relatable to real-world examples or situations.

With TOK Exhibition Help students will learn to Incorporate real-life examples and case studies to illustrate the complexities of knowledge issues. Use current events, historical situations, scientific discoveries, ethical dilemmas, or artistic creations to deepen your analysis and engage your audience. 

If you need an IB TOK writer for a TOK essay, you can search IB Ace Academy for a TOK writing service that focuses on writing essays for the International Baccalaureate program.

IB Ace  Academy provides IB online tutors that offer IB TOK help. You may also locate study tools and sample essays online to aid you. We also provide students with an IB TOK writer who will help them write their TOK essay effortlessly. 

You can get help with your essay by contacting IB Tutors online, private tutors, or academic writing services that specialize in helping with the TOK essay.

It can be difficult to choose the most dependable extended essay writing service because trust is a relative concept. Nevertheless, the IB Ace Academy is a top institution. 

You can get extended essay help online from the IB Ace Academy. You may also look for an online tutor for more specialized assistance.

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