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Many students believed they were doing well and had no difficulty comprehending the GCSE or IGCSE homework. However, when September arrives, the new academic year begins, and the I.B. or A-level course begins. Many pupils can get along with the course materials right away. They recognize the difficulties of learning such a large quantity of new vocabulary and grammar, but they generally enjoy the course material. On the other hand, others get the impression that the I.B. or A-level German course is nothing like they expected. They believe that the Sixth Form German course requirements are very different from what they studied in their GCSE/IGCSE German course and that they will be unable to deal with a large number of new vocabulary, phrases, and grammar to be learned. Students who used to enjoy their German classes are beginning to struggle and lose interest. We can confidently guarantee that it does not have to be this way as a tutor with extensive expertise teaching and tutoring the I.B. and A-level courses. If you choose the German IB or A-level course, IB German teachers in Delhi can tell you that if you follow a few simple steps, you will excel in this subject:

Consider the future.

We recommend beginning the I.B. and A-level courses as soon as possible. Revise some essential GCSE and IGCSE vocabulary and grammar a few weeks before the first day back at school. If you complete some grammar homework before starting the new school year, you will be much more assured while dealing with new subjects. Also, if you can revise essential grammar themes before beginning the new school year, you won’t have to contribute as much time fixing them alongside the new and much more complex pieces at the commencement of the new school year.

Establish a routine.

Make a point of reading and listening to as many German sources as possible. Make a habit of reading the German news every day. Even if it’s only for a few minutes a day, the time you spend being in contact with the German language will mount up, and small steps here and there will make a significant impact. Online, you may read a variety of newspapers for free. There are numerous options available. Daily newspapers like www.faz.net, www.diesueddeustche.de, and www.diewelt.de provide a diverse range of topics. Find a topic that interests you and begin expanding your vocabulary. You may also subscribe to a weekly German magazine and read an entire piece in a week. Regularly reading periodicals like www.derspiegel.de or www.neon.de is an excellent idea. There are many more, but these focus on political and youth-related issues. It would help if you also listened to German podcasts or watch German news to familiarize yourself with the various German dialects. Different news stations, such as www.ard.de, www.zdf.de, www.dw.de, and others, broadcast daily news. Slowly spoken information is available on websites such as “Die Deutsche Welle,” which is ideal for improving your listening skills.

Make contact with persons who speak German.

You might be able to locate a tandem partner, which is an excellent method to broaden your vocabulary. Tandem operates in the following manner: Your tandem partner will converse with you in German while speaking in your native tongue. In this manner, you may both benefit from one other’s language abilities, and it’s also a fun way to meet new people. Tandem companions are frequently found through your school. Ask your teacher for help in locating a language partner.

Speak German with your classmates.

Many schools include an after-school language club where you can meet other German students and discuss German in German. Watching German movies, discussing current German politics while watching the news together, or cooking German food are good ways to learn more about German culture. If you’re lucky, your institution will have a German language consultant who will support you in class or lead brief German talks in addition to your regular German courses.

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