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The chosen topic must address concerns that are directly related to the subject. Where the case can be treated from various perspectives, the treatment must be done from design technology. The design cycle, as defined in the current Design technology handbook, is expected of students.

  • Students are encouraged to choose a topic that corresponds to their interests, abilities, and accessible resources. They should stay away from solely historical issues and describe the evolution of a product or technology.
  • Essays may focus on system design rather than a specific product, such as looking into the labeling of chemicals in transit from accident prevention.
  • Analyzing the viability of a combined heat and power scheme for a local community. Researching and implementing a strategy for decreasing food waste in a school/college canteen.

Students should begin by researching proper design contexts when choosing a topic for a design technology essay. It may be worthwhile to consider: artifacts that do not function effectively or appear to be a waste of resources; the needs of specific user groups, such as the old, infirm, or disabled; and new technologies and how they may influence or mix with existing technologies.

It’s critical that the topic picked is appropriate for a design technology extended essay, rather than just a review of a technological product or advancement.

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Our online IB DT tutors in Delhi are all highly qualified, well-trained, and experienced. They take pleasure in assisting their students. The bulk of them work with the world’s best schools and coaching academies all over the world. Tutors encourage and urge students to ask more and more questions to strengthen their understanding. We provide the following services: –

Selection process

After a series of interviews and written assessments, our online IB DT tutors in Delhi are chosen. Only top-performing tutors are eligible to participate in the discussions, and every teacher has access to nearly all previous year’s questions. They create their assignments and forecast papers, which they update every year to assist and support their pupils.

Mock tests are simulations of actual tests.

We believe in rigorous testing as an educational institution. Our online DT tutors administer a chapter-end test at the end of each chapter to assess their students’ comprehension of that chapter/topic. After completing three chapters/one unit, participants take Unit exams. Students can use half-syllabus and full-syllabus assessments to track their progress. Each student should complete five to six full-length mock tests. So they can have a natural flavor of tests before going inside the exam room. As a result, our testing is multi-leveled.

  • After each topic, students take a chapter end test to see how well they grasp it.
  • After every three to four chapters, there will be a unit test.
  • At least twice a year, students should take a half-syllabus examination to assess their progress.
  • Several previous year’s papers follow a full-length mock examination. overcoming

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