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IB Elite Tutor was founded in 2010 with the primary objective of assisting IB students worldwide. For all six IB groups and all major IB courses, we provide talented, qualified, trained, and highly experienced IB tutors.

A handful of our IB Chemistry Tutors’ standout qualities.

1. We always finish our curriculum far ahead of the final exam.

2. This provides us with a significant amount of time to make comprehensive modifications. 3. We provide our services with the utmost honesty and on-time delivery.

4. Our professors administer tests for each chapter, unit, half-syllabus, and full-syllabus.

5. We provide timely feedback to parents and adequately involve them.

6. During test time, our IB Chemistry tutors assist students via email/WhatsApp 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

IB Chemistry Tutors Offer 7 Tips

I have encountered numerous kids who struggled with IB HL Chemistry as an experienced Tutor at IB Elite Tutor and in several IB World schools. A significant volume of substance and the difficulty level of questions both troubled and daunted them. They lacked the theoretical understanding and, as a result, the capabilities needed to answer exam questions. As a result, our IB Chemistry Tutors provides a seven-step method to assist all students dealing in Chemistry HL.

With the guidance of IB Chemistry Tutors, choose wisely from HL, SL, and Options.

HL Chemistry is far more complex and intricate than SL Chemistry. In one year, our tutors can easily cover the entire St. Chemistry core. HL subjects are more diverse and cognitively challenging. In prior years, 14 percent of SL Chemistry students received a 7, whereas 26% of HL Chemistry students received a 7. This is not to say that HL Chemistry is easier than SL Chemistry. It suggests that HL Chemistry is becoming more popular among clever and diligent students. Only if a student has a strong interest in the topic should he or she pursue HL Chemistry.

Strong Theoretical Understanding

Before answering questions, IB Chemistry Tutors recommend gaining a thorough theoretical comprehension of each chapter and idea. Otherwise, kids will continue to make the same mistakes. Attending your IB Chemistry Tutors during your tuition or in your online IB tutoring sessions is the most excellent strategy for preparing your theory. Theoretical knowledge will not only assist you in comprehending the problems but will also assist you in solving them.

Every point in the syllabus is covered.

Only what is on the curriculum can be examined by the IB. There will be nothing on the exam that will surprise you if you have a thorough understanding of your material. You should print your syllabus single-sided and put it near your study table on a visible notice board. When you’re finished with a topic or unit, mark it on your printed syllabus sheet.

Reverse Engineering the Problems

It would help if you had a good comprehension of the syllabus once you’ve gone through it. There will still be some things you don’t comprehend, but that shouldn’t cause concern. You might come across a few queries that you can’t answer. The marking scheme, on the other hand, can help you comprehend their solutions. If not, you should go over the syllabus again. Consider the key and try to reverse engineer it using the marking system as a guide. Look for unanswered questions that are comparable to yours and solve them on your own.

Make every effort to deliver what is requested.

The syllabus is interpreted by many people, including you, your teacher, the textbook author, the exam writer, and the marker. In the end, the exam writer and the exam marker are the two most important people. It would help if you went over the marking scheme several times. Examine it and, like the marker and the writer, personalize your thoughts. You must know what is required of you in the exam and be able to provide it. Your delivery will be risk-free if you write responses from earlier marking schemes.

Past Year Papers for Chemistry HL

Our chemistry tutoring staff recommends completing at least five complete previous year papers in the time allotted. Your ability to solve past year’s reports in IB Chemistry is highly dependent on it. The questions that the IB often asks in its test are pretty diverse. You will be able to understand the pattern if you ask enough questions. Your theoretical understanding will gain a new level of power as a result of this. Overall, you’ll reduce your odds of being startled at the final exam. It’s preferable to deal with all of IB’s ambiguity before the last Frontier begins.

Take Charge of Your Life

You can cut down on your self-study time with the help of our IB Chemistry Tutors, but no IB tutor can eliminate it. It is a requirement for success in IB Chemistry HL. Combine all of your materials, including the textbook, notes from IB Chemistry Tutors, past papers, and internet study material, to ensure that nothing is missing from your syllabus. Please make use of all available resources to attain your goal, no matter what it takes. The schools in Gurgaon under IB

Amity Global School

DPS International

Lancers International School

Pathways World School

Scottish High International School

The Heritage School

Pathways School

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